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Technology & Facilities Maintenance Director


  • Location: Madison, WI
  • Post Date: 12/14/2019
  • Job Type: FULL TIME
  • Job Level: Experienced
Job Title: Technology & Facilities Maintenance Director 

Status: Full Time Exempt 
Works under and reports to: WORT Board of Directors 

Job Summary: A WORT Staff Collective member, the Technology & Facilities Maintenance Director ensures uninterrupted operations of station audio, radio frequency (RF) transmission, information technology (IT) and physical plants including oversight of audio, telecommunications, IT and security infrastructure; desktop support, facilities maintenance, budgets and special projects.

Primary Responsibilities: Oversee the technical and facilities needs of WORT, working with volunteers and contractors as applicable to carry out the duties below. 

  • Maintain, service, and upgrade Broadcast Equipment 
  • Establish maintenance procedures, including preventative and corrective maintenance  
  • Maintain, service, and upgrade telecommunications infrastructure. 
  • Log updates and maintenance performed and maintain collection of operating manuals 
1. IT Infrastructure 
  • Maintain, service, and upgrade workstations, servers, peripherals, and data storage  
  • Deploy and maintain user and management infrastructure in Microsoft (Active Directory) and Linux environments 
  • Maintain physical and logical LAN and WAN infrastructure
  • Implement data security measures, including anti-malware solutions 
  • Support in-house databases, including CiviCRM management system and WordPress environment; provide end user support for CiviCRM users 
  • Maintain and manage G-Suite services and collaboration environment 
  • Document physical and logical IT infrastructure, updates, maintenance and support 
2. Desktop Support 
  • Service and provide real-time support and training for users of desktop systems 
  • Ensure computers have optimal hardware, software, and security updates 
  • Log updates and maintenance performed, document support practices 
  • Maintain Studio (118 S. Bedford St.) and Transmitter (615 Forward Drive) facilities 
  • Coordinate and supervise contractors and volunteers as needed to troubleshoot and upgrade mechanical, plumbing, electrical, lighting, ergonomics, security and other physical systems  
  • Create schedule for facilities inspections to ensure routine service to equipment 
  • Work with Finance Dept to ensure prompt payment to contractors and vendors 
  • Ensure facilities are up to code by consulting with contractors and City inspectors 
  • Manage technical projects, including gathering requirements and feedback, designing solutions, developing budget and project calendar, and managing implementation, communication, testing, and completion of projects  
  • Develop volunteer pool to assist in carrying out the duties of the position 
Secondary Responsibilities: 
  1. General Administrative Functions 
  a. Attend and participate in weekly staff meetings 
b. Represent staff on appropriate committees; chair the Engineering Committee
c. Prepare weekly staff reports, monthly Engineering Committee Report, and the annual Engineering Budget 
d. Research and make recommendations for IT, telecommunications, audio production and broadcast hardware/software including ‘station-critical’ back-ups/spares 
e. Arrange training for staff and volunteers on all systems and equipment 

2. Other tasks related to technology and facilities as determined by the Board.

Required Education: 
High school diploma or equivalent.

Desired Education: 
  • Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) Certification 
  • Coursework or experience in electronics and computer science 
Required Qualifications: 
  • A minimum of 2 years’ technical experience relating to the above requirements, including design and maintenance of digital and analog audio systems 
  • Knowledge of basic electrical circuitry and RF safety protocols 
  • Software proficiencies in the following operating systems: 
    *Microsoft Windows desktop and server environments, including Active Directory
    *Debian Linux server environment
    *MacOS desktop environment desirable 
  • Hardware proficiencies: 
    *Commodity PC hardware assembly, diagnosis and repair
    *Network design, installation and fault analysis 
  • Track record of providing a high level of desktop support to a large and diverse user base 
  • Must possess a valid state driver’s license, provide required proof of personal vehicle insurance, and have access to transportation to move quickly between the transmitter at 615 Forward Drive and station at 118 South Bedford. 
  • Proven ability to complete projects satisfactorily on deadline and on budget 
Desired qualifications: 
  • Knowledge of applicable FCC rules and regulations for non-commercial broadcasters  
  • Experience with non-commercial radio, non-profit organizations, and working in a cooperative and/or collective work environment 
Preference will be given to candidates demonstrating these competencies: 
    *Ability to build and sustain positive relationships
    *Effective verbal and written communication skills, including translating technical concepts to a non-technical user community
    *Experience working effectively and collaboratively with a diverse community of stakeholders (WORT staff, volunteers, listeners and donors) 

    *Ability to work independently and with a team
    *Strong project management
    *Adaptability in the face of multiple, competing and shifting priorities 

    *Demonstrated listening skills
    *Sensitivity to multiple points of view
    *Experience solving problems at the level of root cause 

Working Conditions:  
The Technology & Facilities Maintenance Director works in an office setting the majority of the time, requiring sitting or standing for extended periods. They’ll also perform infrastructural work requiring the ability to lift 50-75 pounds, squat, crawl, and climb ladders, with periodic chemical exposures such as to cleaning fluids, adhesives, paint, solder, and flux. 

This position requires on-call emergency availability 24-7, as well as availability for work hours during the evening and weekends. Dress code at WORT-FM is casual. 

At WORT-FM, we’re committed to building a valued business and rewarding careers while also maintaining healthy personal lives. The staff collective is unionized, and pay and benefit structures are outlined in a collective bargaining agreement 

Statement of Non-Discrimination: 
WORT-FM does not discriminate in its employment practices with regard to a person’s race, religion or atheism, color, national origin or ancestry, citizenship status, age, handicap/ disability, marital status, source of income, arrest record, conviction record, credit history, less than honorable discharge, physical appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic identity, political beliefs, familial status, student status, domestic partner status, receipt of rental assistance, or the fact that the person declines to disclose their social security number, homelessness or unemployment status.