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Maintenance Helpers

Town Pump, Inc. dba Butte Comfort Inn

  • Location: Butte, MT
  • Post Date: 3/31/2018
  • Job Type: TEMPORARY
Town Pump, Inc. dba Butte Comfort Inn, Butte, MT, needs 2 temporary (04/01/18 - 12/01/18) and full-time Maintenance Helpers. Assist experienced maintenance works in the lesser duties associated with maintaining a hotel property. Help installation, maintenance and repair workers with the maintenance of heating, plumbing and electrical systems, ice machines, pools, saunas, fitness rooms, walls, emergency generators, water softeners, exhaust units, etc. Perform such duties as furnishing supplies and tools and cleaning machines and tools. Assist in examining and testing machinery. 3 months experience in hotel maintenance work required. No educational requirements. Must be able to read, write and speak in basic English. OJT provided. $14.87p/h, overtime wage rate of $22.31, overtime may be available but is not guaranteed, general schedule of 40h/w, 8am-5pm, work days vary Sun-Sat. Applicants may be offered higher than the advertised wage rate due to experience or merit. If relocating for the position, the cost of transportation and subsistence to the place of employment will be reimbursed, if half of the employment period is completed. This reimbursement will be calculated by the exact cost of the transportation expenses by airplane or bus fare, as well as subsistence expenses calculated at the minimum amount of $12.07 per 24-hour period of travel and the maximum amount of $51.00 per day. Return transportation and subsistence will be provided if the employment period is completed, or if dismissed early. All tools, supplies, and equipment required to perform the job will be provided to workers at no charge. Inquire about or apply for the position at the Montana Job Service's Butte office, 2201 White Blvd, Butte, MT 59701, Tel: 406-4940300. Butte Comfort Inn may be contacted via telephone number: 406-497-6890, refer to job order #10343593.
Town Pump, Inc. dba Butte Comfort Inn