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Telecommunicator Administrator-Assistant 911 Coordinator

Washington County

  • Location: Nashville, IL
  • Post Date: 6/22/2018
  • Job Type: FULL-TIME
Washington County Telecommunicator Administrator & Assistant 9-1-1 Coordinator 

Washington County is hiring for a full-time position as Telecommunicator Administrator and Assistant 9-1-1 Coordinator. Duties of the Telecommunicator Administrator will be overseeing day to day operations of the dispatch center,develop and enforce standard operating procedures, conduct training for dispatchers, shift scheduling, maintain dispatch center equipment, assist in the day to day operations of a dispatcher ,fill in dispatching when necessary and develop and maintain a financial budget. Administrators position will be responsible for communicating with fire departments, ambulance service and law enforcement agencies which are based in Washington County. Duties of the Assistant 9-1-1 Coordinator will be the same as the current 9-1-1 coordinators position and serving in the backup roll. Preferred qualifications for this position include: 9-1-1dispatching background for police,fire and EMS, 40-80-hour telecommunicator training, MABAS dispatch training, LEADS Certification, CTO Certification, CPR, EMD, EMD-Q and NIMS-100,200, 700 & 800 Certifications. 
Send resume and references by July 15th to: Washington County 9-1-1 ATTN: APPLICATION P.O. Box 214 Nashville, IL 62263
Washington County