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Production Engineer

Pratt Paper, LLC

  • Location: Valparaiso, IN
  • Post Date: 7/11/2018
  • Job Type: FULL-TIME
  • Job Level: Experienced
  • Availability: Nights & Weekends

General Summary:
The Paper Machine Production Engineer is a multi-skilled position responsible for all activities associated with the production and operation of the paper machine equipment consisting of: proactively assisting all co-workers with setting up, operating, problem solving, and maintaining production of paper making equipment and process’s in a 24/7 operation working 12 hour shifts in a 4 shift rotational  concept. Included in their duties is ensuring that orders and procedures are properly adhered to, ensure all materials are available, ensure proper set-up of equipment, complete necessary reports in an accurate and timely manner and assist in the preventative machine maintenance while following all established safe work practices. 

Essential Job Functions:
1)       Mental Ability – must be able to communicate orally with team members and understand instructions provided in written, oral, or graphic form. Understand complex procedural and process designs, ability to read a tape measure accurately, process flow diagrams, gauges and operate a calculator for basic mathematical computations.
2)       Possess a mechanical aptitude with basic computer use and knowledge.
3)       Physical Ability Dimensions –Safety – Work is medium difficulty but a fast paced organization.  Individual must be able to stand for long periods and have good mobility, be ultra-cognizant of their surroundings and potential hazards, able to lift 50+ pounds (not repetitively), climb stairs, climb ladders, use hand tools, with no known chemical sensitivity and function in an environment of extreme temperatures.

Education and/or Experience:
4)       Post-secondary educational degree (2 to 4 year degree from college, university, technical school, military, vocational or other advanced educational institution) REQUIRED
5)       Previous paper-making experience not necessary

Additional Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Requirements:
1)       Expectation of Operator Technicians to become proficient in all job areas within mill.
2)       Wear all required Personal Protective Equipment (glasses, ear plugs, shoes, gloves, etc…)
3)       Monitor, control, and adjust machines, equipment and processes.
4)       Demonstrates a proven record of learning aptitude
5)       Participate in ongoing educational certificate training program provided
6)       House Keeping, washing up, shoveling debris.
7)       Working knowledge of equipment design for capabilities of small repairs of paper mill equipment.
8)       Perform physical testing and interruption of raw materials or finished product.
9)       Perform fast walking rounds of work area, continuously.
10)   Train others employees as well as receive training in multiple disciplines of jobs through-out the plant.
11)   Interpret data from the computer system and input data as needed.
12)   Perform any other task required of him or her by Mill Management.

Pratt Paper, LLC